Areonna Minnesota

The nuclear war

The world should be denuclearized.

Dear President,

You should try to denuclearize the world because it could prevent people starting a war which can affect global warming and in time can end all existence.

With the threat of nuclear war breaking out, the fear of living changes has arrived. When I say living changes i’m talking about overcrowded shelters which would most likely be ventilated very poorly and having bad things like waste coming in and possibly spread diseases throughout the large groups. Also many Professors mentioned how the amount of unburied bodies can greatly affect the air that we could breathe. Abrams, who is a science professor, concluded that after a nuclear war there would be 93 million survivors and of those survivors 32 million would need medical attention. Also not only does it affect our economy by causing disease to spread but we are putting in a lot of money to continue to make nuclear weapons in 2015 they came up to cost about 1.8 million dollars. Imagine how many things we could improve with that money, we can get more teachers into schools, fix up many schools so they are actually safe, and fix up our rides.

When speaking about global warming I'm more specifically focusing on climate changes that can affect the overall economy. According to Michael Hamel-Green, professor in social sciences, if nuclear war were to occur the global climate would change by 1.25% in a matter of years. With this horrific change crops would soon be impossible to grow, soil would be wasted, and the air could then be contaminated.

Many say those with a lot of nuclear weapons have no probable cause to launch any and start a nuclear war but according to Andrew H. Kydd, a professor of Political Science, the soon collapse of the Korean Peninsula would cause chaos and possibly start a nuclear war. The point of this evidence is to state that nuclear can be very unpredictable and we shouldn’t take the risk just hoping that it won’t.

While we are living our lives possibly blinded by materialistic things or even trends that we soon get wrapped up in. A question that I always ask myself is what are we distracted from? Shouldn't we try to focus on fixings things that affect our lives? The reason I actually debate is to know the current issues that our world is facing debating about it just helps me further more understand it so I could possibly inform others. Extinction could be the reality within a matter of seconds that is the whole point of me speaking upon the nuclear issues. According to Michael Hamel-Green, professor in social sciences, the nuclear war that can possibly occur on the Korean Peninsula can cause mass extinction.

Please make our world safer by actively working to denuclearize it.


Areonna Dean

St. Paul Central High School

Approaching Analysis - Hours 2 and 3

This is a sophomore honors class at St. Paul Central High School in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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