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Netflix's 28 Day Deals

There is a reason behind the late uploading of content on Netflix. I'm bringing it to the public.

Dear Future President,

Today, I bring you an issue I have recently dealt with. I’m not talking about the major issues: hunger, economy, homelessness; this is different. I’m talking about Netflix. Don’t leave yet! This is important to many people.

In case you are unfamiliar with certain aspects of Netflix, here are the numbers:

• Netflix has over 23 million subscribers in the US and Canada alone.

• Netflix is in over 190 countries.

• It has over thousands of movies and TV shows available.

• The average subscriber watches 90 minutes of Netflix every day.

When a season of a TV show ends, it doesn’t go on to Netflix for 1-3 months later, which happens to be a couple weeks before the next one starts. I asked myself why this happens, which resulted in a Google search. I found out that Netflix has deals with Universal, Fox, and Warner Bros. in which Netflix can’t upload their content for at least 28 days after release of the DVD copies. This gives them time to sell DVDs before they go on Netflix. It looks like Netflix gets nothing out of these deals and neither do the subscribers. Most of us would rather wait the 28 or so days than Buy a DVD, but when it does come out on Netflix, we don’t have time to binge before the next season starts.

This needs to stop! Mr. or Mrs. President, the subscribers need you. If we could find a way to shorten or terminate the deals, everyone would be happier and stop wondering when their show would get on Netflix and continue with their lives!

Yours truly,