Kayla North Dakota

Abortion or Not?

Abortions are killing babies that haven't been born yet.

Dear Future President,

Abortions are happening around america mostly by people who have had premarital sex, not out of school, can’t provide for the baby; that would be born and many other reasons and became pregnant because of their actions. When my mom and dad found out that my mom was pregnant they were both in school my mom and dad decided that having an abortion wasn’t an option for them; not all babies are as lucky as I was even though when my mom had me seven weeks early and I only had a 25% chance of living they decided that the time they would have had me would be more precious that to abort me. In 2013 ten Texas Planned Parenthood-affiliated clinics and independent providers performed more than 1500 abortions. When clinics are giving abortions there is someone who wishes that they would be able to have kids and hate thinking that there are many abortions being performed each day when there are many other options that you could look into. Couldn’t we find an alternative to having abortions. When I go to conferences and youth rallies with my church there are witness talks, and I remember that one time a lady who worked for a Planned Parenthood-affiliated clinic watched and ultrasound abortion she saw that when the person giving the abortion went in with the probe the baby was trying to escape. It wasn’t until that day that she realized that the baby is not a blob of tissue until it is born but it is in fact a human from day one up to the day it passes away. As God once said “Thou shalt not kill,” with this being said we need to make an end to abortions in America. Some people might say that if someone doesn’t get an abortion will die, but in that conversation i would say that when you are to die you will give the baby a chance because you will die eventually.

The worldometer stated that from January 1st, 2016 to October 4th, 2016 america has given 32,000,000 abortions in the United States that means there has been 125,000 each day. While reading the Washington Post I found out that they will give an abortion no matter what trimester you are in you could be almost ready to give birth and it wouldn’t matter. There are 61.30% abortions before 9 weeks, 17.8% abortions 9-10 weeks into your pregnancy, 9.6% abortions 11-12 weeks into your pregnancy, 6.7% abortions 13-15 weeks into your pregnancy, 3.5% abortions 16-20 weeks in your pregnancy, and 1.1% abortions at 21 or more weeks into your pregnancy ( this is close to the time that the baby would be born in). Do you think that America should be able to kill innocent babies? They aren't even able to fight back so they can live in our world we know today, they are a human beings just like me and you and they do not deserve to be treated so unfairly The Leading Source For Pros & Cons Of Controversial Issues say that is is a woman’s choice to abort the baby if they don’t want it. Abortions need to stop being used in America because it is killing a living person a baby in the womb is not a glob of tissue but in fact the actual baby. Are you going to let this world continue to kill babies that are not born yet or will you change it? They deserve to be able to live in this world and not be robbed of their freedom.