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Veterans: Are we giving back enough?

Veterans and people in the military save our freedoms everyday, but when we are back home are we giving back enough to them. Some veterans come back to nothing, they really should be coming back to everything.

Mr. or Mrs. President,

As a son of a veteran, veteran’s lives matter very much too me. They matter so much that I have been very concerned about how they are being treated. To me and all Americans we can thank our freedoms on them and their works across the globe. But are we really thanking them back by our actions? Across the nation many veterans come home to nothing and are poor, not able to got to college and find a nice job. While others are walking the streets begging for their next meal. The worst thing is that there are still many troops that still have not been taken care of. This isn’t right, after all that they have done for us we should be able to give back and help them.

When veterans come home some of them don’t have the money and are not able to go to college and get a decent job. Military personnel not benefiting from being in the military and it tells future generations that the military isn’t worth it.. In an article made by the Washington Post, “The jobless rate for all U.S. veterans was just 6.9 percent in October 2013 — slightly lower than for the overall population — the unemployment rate for veterans who have served since 9/11 stood at 10 percent.” This means that some veterans who are not going back to school is because they don’t have the money and are left out with no job after serving our military. This should be changed so that military colleges are free for those that served our country. Some might say this is too much, but when they are on the front lines and fighting for our freedoms I don’t hear them saying that it’s too much.

Another problem is when our veterans come back home with disabilities and PTSD, most veterans have this disorder and you can’t blame them for this. In a study shown by the Department of Veteran Affairs, 30% of veterans of the Vietnam War have PTSD, 12% for Desert Storm have PTSD, and about 11-20% from Iraqi Freedom have PTSD. To sum this up many veterans have this disease and get no help for this. I believe that they should be given counseling even if they don’t need it, just to help them. This should be free or at a discounted price since they have served our country. Now some may say that the disease has made some veterans into mass murders and killers. To this I say that they do need help and they also need support behind. Veterans should never feel helpless and if they are then they need to go to the nearest VA for help and comfort.

Finally, many veterans are coming home wounded and not able to take care of themselves. There are so many that a lot of them are not being taken care of. I an article by The Week, the say, “Wounded veterans have swamped the VA system, leading to a backlog of almost 900,000 disability claims.” This is too many veterans not being helped and i believe the best way to help is to create more VA hospitals, the problem is that there are more veterans coming in and less hospitals to help. This can be fixed very quickly if we have more VA centers.

In sum, I believe that veterans should have the chance to go to college for free and have the ability to get a decent job and not have to live on the streets. I also believe that veterans with disabilities, injuries and PTSD should be given counseling and help, instead of put on a waiting list and sent back out. There should also be a increase of VA centers for them. Veterans go out there and save our rights and freedoms everyday, maybe we should be able to give them some rights and freedoms when they come back home.

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