Emma W. North Dakota

Hunger Is A Problem

Hunger is killing more and more people everyday

Dear Future President,

More and more people are dying because of hunger, and that’s a problem. Most of the hunger is coming from underdeveloped countries such as Sub –Saharan Africa and Asia. We can help those underdeveloped countries develop so they have food and everything they need.

It’s not just Africa that’s hungry. There is at least 526 million people hungry in Asia. 11.3% of the world’s population is hungry and it’s growing every day.

It’s not only adults that are hungry. The majority of people hungry are children. In 2010, it was estimated that 20,000 children died and half of that was caused by hunger.

If you want to help, donate food to a food pantries. Those pantries would help those across the globe.

Not too long ago, the US offered GMO crops over to those underdeveloped countries. We can send those seeds and crops over to help the hungry places in need.

Do you really sit and watch hungry men, women, and children starve to death? I don’t think you would do that and neither do I, so please do something about it.

Very sincerely,