Dean M. North Dakota

Give Coal a Second Chance

Coal is the most efficient energy source.

Dear future president, 

I know that you’re probably thinking that coal is dirty and should be eradicated, but it is cheaper that the “green” energy.

My hometown in North Dakota is based off a power plant. My town was tiny until the 70s and 80s when the power plant, gasification plant, and mining company were built. If they close, our decent small town of 2,500 will be a ghost town. Our power plant is less likely to close because of scrubbers that heavily filter the air coming out of the plant. Many coal power plants don’t have scrubbers and out of date boilers that cause them to pollute. It would be cheaper to update the boilers and add scrubbers instead of decommissioning them and replacing them with wind farms or solar panels.

It’s a lot to ask but do you want to watch hundreds to thousands of families lose their job over something that isn’t their fault. It’s up to you future leader.

Your citizen,

Dean M.