Zahria P. Texas

Gun Free America

How would America change for the greater good if we abolished all Concealed Handgun Laws.

Dear Future President of The United States,

 Wouldn't you like to live in a world where there is peace and not war? A society where there is no gun violence among the streets. People don't have to be cautious of their

surroundings scared for something to happen. There has been a new concealed handgun law that has been passed mainly in Texas. This law gives gun permit owners the right to carry Handguns openly.

“Texas has 825,957 active concealed handgun license holders with 3,125 certified

instructors. With Texas’ population of about 27 million, this means roughly 3% of

Texans are licensed to carry a concealed handgun—and, for the record, as of January

1, 2016 Texans with this license will be allowed to carry their handgun openly without

being required to take additional training to do so”.(QSR Online) With these numbers

and knowing that their is 3,125 gun holders and, that they might all be carrying them all

at the same time. I would be kind of nerves to go to some public places like restaurants,

parks, and big festivals.

“We live in a country where people solve problems with bullets instead of

words, and we have to do better,” said Dan Gross, president of the Brady

Campaign to Stop Gun Violence. “That means engaging in two important and

related conversations – one about how we keep guns away from people with

hate in their hearts and another about how gun violence and racism collide to

disproportionately terrorize communities of color.” (Huffington) This new law

allows fellow citizens with gun license to carry their war weapon openly. Quote is right people who think that everyone should not be treated the same. Our shouldnt be on our planet because of their religion, appearances, or differences. Might take all their hate tried and create war. It might also might rise street violence.

“ The Concealed Carry Law is only good if responsible and law-abiding citizens receive

the permits. But what are the guarantees that such individuals will continue to abide by

the law under all and any circumstances. But the worst thing that can happen is when

people with malicious and criminal intent are given the right to carry handguns. What

will stop them from carrying out their plans?Plenty of states have seen how gun-related crimes involve individuals with concealed handguns permit. In Florida, for example, 128 permit holders have active injunctions for domestic violence, 216 have outstanding warrants and 1400 pleaded guilty to a felony.” (ConnetUS)With the new law being passed it does look like the crime percentage has increased.

With crimes being increased that means more police officers are going to be on duty which also can raise taxes so that they can get their paycheck.

In conclusion, I believe that the concealed handgun law should be abolished. It would keep our society safe from unneeded violence and crimes that might come along with the law.