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Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy

Carmen P.

October 26, 2016

Dear president,

We need to fix teenage pregnancy. As the new president, you can make the America good again. Just fixing the little problems can do so much, by doing so little.

Too many teens are getting pregnant and having abortions, adoption, or having to raise a kid from the ages 14-18. They are having to drop out of school or still try to finish high school while being a good mother and raising her kid. No one can stop teens from having sex so we should have a class for safe sex. Safe sex is very important these days. We are all gonna have sex sometime and we should know what to do in those situations. Safe sex should be a priority. My friend got pregnant and she didn’t want to give it away so she kept it. Her parents are awesome and helping and support her with everything they can do. But she dropped out of the 10th grade and did cyber school, it’s very hard for her to actually pass. It’s too much pressure on her raising a kid at the age 16.

How would you feel if your daughter got pregnant because of one stupid mistake? Just by teaching safe sex it would totally help the next generation of kids.

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