Andy K. Texas

College Tuition Prices

College prices should be eradicated or decreased.

Dear Future President,

The college tuition costs have been increasing each and every year. So far, the current student loan debt is 1.3 trillion dollars. College fees have quintupled since the the 1980’s. To put this into scale, the total college tuition per year has been outpacing inflation, while financial aid fails to keep up. Because of this, the affordability of colleges is a problem for students each year. The lowering or eradication of college fees can improve our situation.

High college tuition will drive the future generations away from the US. According to this study, the total university applicants in the U.K have dropped 7.7% due to high fees. If we do not eradicate/lower the college costs, our nation might lose parts of our work force, too. In fact, we have already started to lose students to Germany. These students move to Germany for their free college education.

Decreasing the college costs will benefit the US. If the costs are lowered, more students will be encouraged to attend colleges. And if more people receive a higher education, more people will be able to get sustainable jobs. This means people will contribute more to society and decrease the national debt.

Some people might say with free college tuition, the debt of the national debt will be higher. In order to fix this problem, we can adopt the way Germany, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden affords to maintain this; raising taxes. Doing so will create more than enough funds to provide an affordable college.

Even though there are lots of problems regarding the cost of colleges, with slight tweaks affordable college prices can be created. Education should be a priority, and everyone should have access to higher education.

Sincerely, Andy K.

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