Aidan P. Colorado

Why the college tuition cost is not too high.

Many claim the college tuition price is far to high. This is a lame excuse, as many of those people's parents will be paying for their college anyway.

Dear Sir or Madam President,

It is unreasonable to expect college tuition fees to be lowered. If they were lowered the acceptance rate would most likely skyrocket. While that may seem like a good thing to some, it is not. If the acceptance rate goes up, the best colleges will start to lose money and exclusivity, everything that sets them apart from cheaper schools. Some of the things that make some colleges so good is their professors, architecture, and their dorms. All of this links back to money.

While it seems like a good thing that you would be going to college for cheaper, that would only make the college a lower quality. The staff quality would suffer and the college would need to start to accepting more and more applicants. This would cause all colleges to turn into community colleges, which is great if that is what you wanted, but hopefully it is not. Either way, most people are getting a free ride through college because of their parents, or are taking on student loans that they believe they will not be able to pay back. If however you do a good thing with your degree, you will not need to worry. While I could have my parents pay for me, both my brother and I are paying for our own college so our parents do not have to suffer for many more years worrying about money. This is what a lot of people should start doing. I would keep going, but there is only five minutes of class left so I have to stop.