Cole M. Pennsylvania

Illegal Immigration: A Problem That Must Be Solved

Illegal Immigration cannot be ignored. What will be done to stop it?

Dear Next President,

In the United States of America there is a large issue that needs to be resolved: illegal immigration. Illegal immigration in the USA primarily happens across our southern border which does not have enough measures to prevent the onslaught of aliens jumping into our country. While some argue how there should be a path towards amnesty, it must be understood how globally there are thousands of people each year who wait and wait for the opportunity to became an American citizen legally, not by jumping a fence. Why should we reward those who cheated the system, when we can help those who are playing fairly.

A solution to minimize illegal aliens from crossing the fence illegally is to really make a large step and deport every one of the 11 million people who live here without permission. While this solution may sound temporary it doesn’t have to be. For 400-600 million dollars the country would be able to deport 99% of illegal immigrants, build a stronger border (perhaps a wall), create new courthouses, and finally it would generate almost 100,000 new American jobs. Finally, this solution would take only two years to execute.

While this plan may seem irrational and expensive, in reality it is not. Every year illegal immigrants cost the country over 100 billion dollars. Should this plan be put into action it would save the country much, much more than it would be spending on people it shouldn’t be.

Hopefully you take these ideas seriously, as this is a serious problem.


Cole Messinger

Bala Cynwyd Middle School

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