ESTHER Pennsylvania

Drug Cartels

Esther Lara Ms. Dickerson English 3 Honors 5th period 9/19/16

My name is Esther Lara Pena, I live in Philadelphia Pa. I'm an 11th grader student at Olney Charter High School in North Philadelphia. Let me tell you about how drug cartels are affecting the U.S and the government isn’t doing anything to stop it. About 42.6% of people in the U.S who do drugs are mostly teens. Which is causing a poor 12.1% to 7.4% percentage on school records on dropouts. 11.6% are due to drugs, As you can see now there are a lot of teens using drugs, but not only teens are exposed to drugs; toddlers are exposed to the type of environment that will later on will affect their lives. The government allowed some states to have Marijuana to be legal and to sell it , but yet they arrest those who consume it. The problem here is that they want one thing but then say another.

As you can see there is a lot of killing going right now, because of drug cartels. The police patrol on borders are not quite doing their job correctly. Due to the fact that they are talking illegal immigrants, but aren’t even paying attention to those who smuggle drugs into the U.S. One problem that is affecting the U.S citizens is that the government is paying more attention to illegal aliens who want a better life and want to make a living; rather than paying attention to those who smuggle substances that can be dangerously used,

Addicionally another problem is that when the government wants people to stop using deleterious substances, they don’t do anything about it. A lot of people are dying because of this problem, if you as a president really care about your country, your pride and your citizens, then you should act quickly and banned everything that can cause a huge atrocity to this nation. Without further a said, you should really start thinking about what your people want not what the world wants. If you as a president don’t care about this issue then why would you promise us that you will hear what we have to say, Yes we have the freedom of speech but do we really?. If you take care of this problem this can really set a great example to different countries. By settling this, citizens cause feel safe wherever they go. Not everywhere in this country is safe, a lot of things are happening right now because of drugs and yet the government isn’t doing anything about it or is trying to fix it.

Lastly my last argument that really needs to be supervised is that the money people are out there spending/making, the government is taking it and using that money to trade with things that this nation doesn’t need. This affects everyone in the nation because with all that money, the government can do a good thing with it, they can built brand new schools, buildings, hospitals and everyone can be happy and safe with this change. They can be proud of someone actually taking a stand and making an improvement to the nation. Citizens won’t have to regret choosing you as our next president.

In conclusion these three arguements that i have discussed and are yet to be solved. You as a president should really take this seriously and take action with them if you want to see a big improvement with the nation. You signed up to take care of us and everything that involves around us. Start focusing on the whole world and the change everyone can make. Make your country and the world a safer place because you started something that your nation really deserves. To be happy and have peace.