Robby Pennsylvania


The right to choose is important in this country.

Dear Next President,

I am a 13 year old who has been in the world long enough to see and hear about many terrible things that happen in this world. Guns, black people getting shot, terrorism, and many more topics, but that is for another day. One thing that also matters is Abortion. Abortion is a very heartfelt topic, and I would hate to see women stripped of their rights to choose. I am a Pro-Choice advocate for Abortion. Charlotte Taft, the former Director for Abortion Care Network, once said that “ Women who have abortions do so because they value life and because they take very seriously the myriad responsibilities that come not just with birth, but with nurturing a human being.” I am writing this in order to prove a point that women who perform an abortion do it because they value life and want what is the best for their child.

Furthermore, abortion can be a helpful thing. According to the Huffington Post, 1 in 5 women get raped in the U.S. In this sense, abortion is good because as weird as it sounds a woman would have to go through nine months of terrible pain and hardships of carrying a baby that she doesn’t even want. According to National Abortion Federation 1.3 million abortions come from unintended pregnancies. That woman was forced to have a baby by a vicious predator that has no respect for that lady. I believe women should have a say for their child. If you are forced into a pregnancy you don’t want, you should be able to get rid of it. Getting raped is an atrocious experience. When the mom will look down at their stomach, memories of that horrible day will come rushing back.

In the same fashion, Women have abortions because they will not be able to care for that baby. People might say that, “you should illegalize abortion because you are killing babies, and it is not right.” Here’s the thing, in 1973, abortion became legalized which was good because, before 1973, women were using terrible ways to kill their child. The ways they killed their child were very bad in the way of hurting the women’s body. Many women died from abortion before 1973 because they used terrible methods.

Next President, Do you really want abortion to become illegal again? Women and children will die, because the women is performing abortion illegally. So Next President, keep abortion legal. Please don’t control women and tell them what to do with their body. Pregnancy is one of the most painful things a women can go through in her life, so please don’t control what happens to her. Remember we live in America, and we all have the right to choose.


Robby C., Pennsylvania