Nick S. Missouri


Abortion should be a woman's choice

Dear Future President,

I believe that abortion should be legal in all states and that women shouldn’t be discouraged or discriminated against for having to making this hard and life changing choice. Many people have their own opinions about abortion and if it should be legal or not but most of them are more concerned about the health and welfare of the unborn child that they completely ignore the physical and emotional state of the mother. According to Katha Pollitt in “Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights” the pro-life position can be summarised to “ If fetuses are persons, then it’s wrong to kill them. If they are not persons, then there’s nothing wrong with killing them; there’s nothing regrettable about an abortion. But in fact they are persons; therefore we should not kill them.” In my opinion this is wrong we should think of the mother first and the unborn child second.

There are many reasons that women have abortions from the circumstances of how the child was conceived to the health risks that the mother is facing or that the unborn child is going to face for the rest of it’s life. Many people think that abortion should be illegal because it goes against their religion where they have gone their whole lives being taught that abortion is a sin, and ethically wrong, and that anyone who does it will be eternally punished. They are all there to judge and publically shame the mother but as soon as the child is born they stop caring about what happened to it. They leave the mother to either raise the child she doesn’t want or the child to be raised in foster care and possibly end up homeless on the street. Some unborn children are diagnosed with life threatening diseases and their mothers are faced with the almost impossible decision of abortion or letting the child be born and suffer for the rest of its short life, yet still people shame them for making the choice that they feel is best for them and their unborn baby.

In conclusion it is the woman's choice whether or not to have an abortion, the public and government should have no say on the choices that the woman makes. It is the woman’s life that this impacts not the public’s so they just need to back off and allow the mother to make the choice and respect her for what she chooses they don’t have to like it but they should respect that she had to make the hardest decision of her life and they should know that no matter what she will alway remember her unborn child and will always think of what could have been.


Nick S.