Ivelisse R. Pennsylvania


I want you to bring back every one that left the country because that they were immigration .

September 26, 2016

Dear Next President:

Many people want to leave their homes depending on their situation and some time to leave the country for very reason and in order to leave they need paper of documentation. When people come into the united states they don’t have documentation of themselves. The laws say they need documentation in order to stay in United States if the president knew this was happening, he would have done something about this but now people are leaving their families behind because they don't have the right to stay in United States. With people leaving their kids behind without their parent, the next president must make sure that people from other country come into the United States with papers, so kids don’t grow up without their families.

The last immigration reform was last enacted November 6, 1986 sign by Ronald Reagan. So that means since then nobody cared about the law that everyone must have documentation and I.D. to enter the country and so many people were undocumented. Only 8 million or more were not document in the USA. If the congress failed to give documentation to everyone ,then many more people will be leaving. The people who are affected by this are worker, business, parent, grandparent, and etc. This is important because people who aren't born in America will not be able to see their love ones and even if they can, they will have to paid to see them and nowadays prices are going up and it will take a lot of money to save in order to see them.

The president must make sure that the Congress is doing their job by making sure that people from other countries should have documentation that they are immigrants from other states. Also people that left the country because they didn't have documentation of themselves being immigrate should be permitted to come back to sign papers in order for them to live in the United States. You must make sure that every citizens have documentation of themselves being in the United States so that no children or others can be alone without their loved ones and so that everyone can be happy of where they are living.

Sincerely, Ivelisse Ramirez