Brayden M. North Dakota

Letter to the Future President

Gun violence and ISIS

Dear future President of the United States,

Presidency is probably the biggest role in the United States. It means being along with all the other known greats and leading your country with what you believe in. Overwhelming it is, but some people are up to the task of leading and making decisions for over 320 million Americans. Well, for an oncoming president going to take over in the White House, here is a little advice from a young man that you will be leading for the next 4 years.

One of the phenomenons going around our country right now is gun violence. I, personally, don't understand why people are trying to put the guns to blame for these horrible incidents and that they aren't looking at getting help for mentally unstable people. According to, there are about 55 million gun owners in America. It is understandable that we want the automatic firearms not to be sold to the public, but taking away all guns makes no sense. Families, like mine, look to guns to produce food to put on the table and as a sport that we can all enjoy to do together. It is one thing that if you get really interested into it, that you could have a lot of fun doing. Another thing swirling the world is obesity, how kids in the 21st century, all they do is play video games. Guns are one thing that could steer them away from playing the video games all day, you probably will just have to remind them that you can't hit X to respawn, the real world doesn't work like that. Guns aren't the things killing the people, it is people killing people and they used guns as a weapon of choice. Banning guns wouldn't do anything but leave U.S. citizens defenseless against our enemies and others who have resources to get the weapons from other countries, so can we please just leave our 2nd amendment the way it already is?

Another epidemic in our country is terrorist attacks from ISIS and other cartels across the globe. There have been many lives lost due to their actions in our country and other countries across the globe. The other immigrated foreigners who have made their American citizenship legal in our country are not to blame for any of the actions that have happened. Banning the already foreign Americans would do nothing but decrease population, increase the number of available jobs, and create a riot from others outside our country. Efforts to try and keep illegal immigrants from coming into our free land is a good thing, but don't blame the already proven Americans that inhabited our country in the past.

All in all, we have a good country that we are living in these days, but there are a ton of ways that it can be better. We have freedom and great past leaders who made the country the way it is today are some things we have in our favor as a country. Debt, terrorism, and the effect of mentally unstable people with a gun are the major setbacks our country is faced with. The two ways explained should help out to get those extra votes and allow you to inherit that righteous spot in the Oval Office.