Steven N. California

Limited Opportunities

College costs are rising and it is crippling students with high tuition costs.

      Dear Future President,

I'm here with my concern of the upraising cost of college. This impacts 83% of American who cannot afford college. Many without the access or denied financial aid. The future generations is limited opportunities for the high cost for college. Being force to work minimum wage jobs to try to afford an education. As American we emphasize the need for a education for better opportunities. Therefore, for the sake of majority of Americans we must find a solution to upraising cost of college funds. 

You may say you have found a solution. Have you really? After students try to achieve a degree, they are crippled with student loans and debt. For the desperate need for an education, students try to take this route for an education. In 2016 the student debt was an average of $37,172,  six percent higher than last year. A raising debt creates a difficult for these graduates. The hardship of trying to find a job, a way to pay their own bills and debts. If the cost of college keeps rising at this level, students will have to work 3,100 hours of minimum wage to work off just one year (BLS Delta Cost Project).]

For the sake for America's future and for the people we must find a solution for this problem.