Zoe New York

LGBT Adoption Rights

Forbidding people from adopting because of who they are is wrong.

Dear Future President, 

Congratulations on your new presidency and I wish you much luck. I have found out about something recently that has troubled me, though, and I would like if you'd look into it. According to several websites I have researched, gay/same sex couples are having trouble adopting because of who they are. Adoption agencies are forbidding most of the LGBT community from adopting because they think they are not capable of raising a child. It is a stereotype to think a family only involves a mother and a father. There is no clear evidence that gay and lesbians are incapable of adopting a child and running a family. Albeit, same sex couples who have adopted children in the year 2000 have more than tripled from 6,500 to 22,000 in 2010, it is still a problem I find important to acknowledge to this day. This has bothered me because I find it unfair that just because someone is attracted to the opposite sex, they are forbidden to adopt. Everyone has a right to a family. 

The estimated amount of same sex couples with children in the United States are about 94,627. Compared to 231,391,67 opposite sex couples, both married and unmarried, who have adopted in the U.S., I seem to find that number quite unfair. I have found out that there is no reliable evidence that homosexual couples are incapable of good parenting. The ability to create a loving and nurturing home has nothing to do with one's sexuality, gay or straight. Research also suggests that children living in a home with gay or lesbian parents develop in much the same ways as children living with heterosexual parents. Please enforce our nation's laws that guarantee adoption rights to same sex couples. All in all, gay or lesbian, adopting or not adopting, we should be accepting of each other and not discriminate each other because of who we are.