Shayla S. Iowa


Dear Future President,

My name is Shayla Shirbroun, I am a sophomore at Coon Rapids - Bayard High School in Iowa. I am writing to you today because, I believe that there needs to be a change in the way some people view abortion and how often it is used. I know many people have their own views and beliefs, I also have mine. Today, I want to be heard. Abortion is very important to me for many reasons. For one, I am a strong believer in my faith and it is highly frowned upon to choose abortion. I don’t say abortion is wrong just because I am taught to be against it, but because I truly do not believe in it. I believe that are many other options.

Everyone wants to be heard, including me. Not very many people even listen to what teenagers say because, well, we’re teenages and we don’t know what we are talking about. Which honestly, is not true at all. Even though we are young, we still know what we are talking about, know what we believe in, and can figure out right from wrong. We sometimes make silly mistakes but mistakes are what makes us better people. With all of this being said, forget that I am only a sophomore and hear me out.

I will never be able to understand why anyone would ever choose abortion, when there are so many other options. Why not think about giving that baby up for adoption? Why would you take his or her innocent life away?

There are different types of abortion, but in 2007 the court upheld a federal ban on a rarely used abortion method known as intact dilation and evacuation. If they are going to ban one type, why not ban them all? From 1990 to 2008 the teen pregnancy rate declined by 42 percent. Only 18 percent of teen pregnancies are actually planned, meaning 82 percent are accidental. In 2010, 26 percent of pregnancies in teens ages 15-19 ended with an abortion.

After making a few of my points, there a few things that I would like to see our future president change about abortion. I would like to see them make everyone aware of how wrong it is, killing an innocent infant. I would definitely like to see one day, abortion illegal.