Alex H. Minnesota


Hello Mr. Trump, I am extremely happy that you won this year's election. I can say that I voted for you early morning on election day. I think that you should put a huge focus on fixing this economy. With all the debt that our last president has created for you I think it needs to be huge for you to fix that. I believe that if you want to create a bigger fan base and create more believers in you, then it is imperative that you can reduce our national debt. Along with that I believe that it is going to be huge for you to increase jobs in areas that are struggling. Such as Indianapolis and Flint Michigan, winning voters in those areas are only going to help you in the following election and your reputation. Along with those policies with helping the economy I think that you need to try your hardest to reduce the tax plan that Obama had set up. It doesn't make sense to tax the upper wealthy brackets because they can afford it. It is unfair and not right to take more of their money just because you can. I voted for you as the president and I believe that you will follow through with what you said in your campaign and now you will follow through in your election.