Conlan S. Minnesota

Clean Air and Water

Getting rid of pollution in the air and water.

Dear Future President,

Many factories that produce the foods we like, pollute the air. Eventually the pollution in the air will cause the world to run out of oxygen. By 2050, people are saying that about 3.6 million people a year will die from air pollution (, Page 1). China and India are going to be most affected by the pollution in the air. The richer countries will have worse effects from the exposure to ground-level ozone and the elderly people will be most affected in those areas. If clean air runs out in a matter of months or years, everyone in the world will die.

Pollution is going to be terrible within the next 34 years; it is going to make the world become too warm. If the world gets too warm, the glaciers will melt, which will cause flooding all over the world killing millions of people ( This matters because if the flooding starts it will cause so many people to die, which in the long run, will hurt the world in many different ways. Another important thing to think about is water pollution. Water is a very important resource for humans, and guess what we do with it? We dump oil, garbage, plastics, and all sorts of things that kill the animals. It also dirties the water so it is undrinkable. How would you feel if you were living in that water? I would assume you wouldn’t like it. It’s not just the animals living in the ocean and lakes that need the water, we do too. In countries where many factories are being produced, 70% of the wastes are dumped and untreated making that water undrinkable ( This matters because if humans all over the world pollute the ponds, lakes, and oceans not only do we lose almost all of our drinking water, but we also lose an enormous food supply. Fish from the ocean supply the largest percentage of protein that humans eat ( Air pollution is not the only concern. Water pollution is also a tremendous problem. If we don’t have water or air, how, are we supposed to live?

I understand that these factories produce so many goods that everyone likes, but are goods really worth your air, water, and basically your life? My thoughts are that if you shut down some of the big factories you can cut down a lot of the pollution. No matter how hard the groups out there trying to stop pollution work, they are never going to succeed if they can’t shut down all the factories. I think that it is possible to cut back certain factories, allowing more time for scientists to figure out a way to stop the air from getting polluted or a way to make their own air. Physicist Peter Eisenberger claims that he has made a machine that can clean the atmosphere of all the extra carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is what the factories produce. It is also the chemical that is ruining the earth because there is so much of it ( This matters because if there is too much carbon dioxide the earth will in time run out of clean air. Once all of the clean air is gone people will be dying; millions of people a year. I don’t think that you, as the President, would want to be the person being blamed for this epidemic. In all, I think that you should start listening to Peter Eisenberger, or start shutting down the factories killing this planet. So what if people don’t get their processed foods? In the end, people will be healthier and happier, and I think that as the President, you would want that to happen for our world.

In summary, as the President, you should close down the factories polluting the earth and use Peter Eisenberger’s device to clean the air. Also, you should get groups of people trained in marine science to start working on how to get rid of the pollution in the ocean. I think that this problem relates to the Global Goal Climate Action Number 13. This would help the US support in the UN because people would believe more in the UN’s success. This matters because the UN is very important but they can’t get much done since other countries don’t believe in the UN. This is a priority for the next President because if he or she fixes this problem, they will be a great President and will have stopped a huge epidemic, that will have saved millions of lives and the world.

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