Savanah B. Arizona

How bullies effect kids life

This is a summary about the kids that are dying between the ages of 10 and 34 because of bullies.

Dear Next President:

I would like to take a quick second out of your day and just talk about the kids that are dying between the ages of 10 and 34. Because of bullies and their mean ways or hurting and destroying a family/kids life.

The first type of bullies I will be talking about is cyber bullies.“Cyber bullies, like any bully, want to feel power and control over their victim.This is part of why a cyber bullying attack can be so devastating. Cyber bullies cut to the core of their victim's social life and self image. Targets are faced with threats and intimidation in emails and instant messages, but it is not only fear that the bully can instill over the web.”1 As you can tell by the text above cyber bullies love the power and the control of being above or superior over their victim.

I would next like to talk about School or at home bullies. “It is not always clear to a parent why their teen is the victim of bullying. Perhaps their teen seems popular in school or appears physically strong. Even so, some teens are at a high risk of bullying because of how they behave. For example, a teen who avoids eye contact with a bully might be sending the message that he will back down from a fight. In general, teens with poor body-language skills are more likely to become the victims of bullying. Teens who overreact to teasing might also draw the attention of a bully who wants to draw attention to himself, as lack of attention is one reason bullies seek to bully.” 2 Sometimes kids don't want to tell their parents that they are being bullied.Another reason for the abuser or bullier to do the things they do is because they just had a hard time growing up so they had to do something to feel powerful. But at the end of the day kids can get killed because they think they are useless.

Next, I will be giving you an example of a kid that ended up died because of bullies or cyber bullies. The first one is about “A young male from Ireland named Joshua Unsworth hanged himself after frequent cyber bullying on a social network that he belonged to. He was teased about his father being a farmer and peers made fun of his dating habits. This constant barrage of bullying lead to depression and suicide.” 3 That’s just one i'm sure that there are about 100 or even 1,000 more stories about the kids who did thing that they regretted.

Thank you so much for taking time and reading my letter and please keep in mind of the kids that have died because of Cyber Bullies, Regular Bullies, and kids that have committed Suicide.


Savanah B.