Adam Texas

Standerized Testing

Standardized testing is a problem.

October 26 2016

Dear future president,

Standardized testing is a big part of schools. But lots of kids get very stressed and even get sick when they are given a test or quiz. Kids take about 112 tests from pre-k to 12 grade. That is way too many for a kid in a lifetime. In my personal experience i don't do too well on tests and quizzes.

I think that this is a major problem in our public school systems. Each student is different but each school teaches one way to be successful and that's not right. The education process doesn't allow kids to learn different ways and not everyone learns the same way. It's the same for testing not everyone is going to do well even though they might know all of the information.

In conclusion the public school system does not work for every student and we should change that cause the students are the future and we want them to be the very best.

Adam R.