Robert N. Texas

Climate Change

Climate change exists and we need to do something about it.

November 3, 2016

Dear Mr./Mrs. President

America needs to be more concerned with climate change. Americans don’t really care about the environment because of ignorant politicians and society’s view towards people who care about environment. This needs to change very soon we need everyone to change before it's too late.

Everyone believes politicians even if they say they don’t so, whenever one of them says something ignorant like global warming isn’t real people believe them, despite the huge amount of scientific evidence. So first off we should educate our politicians so what they say is right. If we don’t do something very soon a lot of your children and us will die. The scary thing is it’s too late, global warming is irreversible now (unless we completely shut down carbon emission which is unrealistic) all we can do is reduce the impact. This isn't even far off from happening, 30-40 years, that's in your lifetime if you're healthy. A lot of people and animals are going to die regardless of what we do but we can limit the number of deaths if we really start to try and fix climate change.

Humanity is going to lose more than half the population if we keep doing what we are doing. If we start preparing we could save half of the world’s population. I know that seems horrible but we’ve dug a hole so big we can’t get out all we can do is reduce the impact.


Robert N.