Derek H. Texas

The Gender Wage Gap

The gender wage gap is evident and I want to know if there is something the government can do to eliminate it

Dear President,

My name is Derek and I am concerned about gender wage gap and if there is anything the government can do about it. I know the gender wage gap is closing and with time women will make the same as men, however, I would like to understand and figure out if there is any way to speed up this process or eliminate this wage gap. I believe the solution is to get the government involved, and I know we live in a free market economy; that the government isn’t supposed to get involved in wages, but the government won't have to determine the price, just an equal wage.

Looking at the government census data table the wage gap is clearly evident; that it’s clear men make more money than women. Women only make 77% of what a man makes or even less depending on the job. Take nursing, for example, there are many more female nurses than male nurses, yet men still make more money, How? Well it’s obviously not because they need more men nurses, so they pay them more, if that were the case then why are men in engineering jobs still getting paid more than women, even though more men work in that field. The explanation to this problem is that women must get paid less than men. A possible solution to this problem is to try and set an equal wage for men and woman working the same position for the same amount of time. That way the government isn’t infringing on a business's ability to set wages or take over a business completely.

Eventually, through government involvement in corporations, the gender wage gap will be eliminated. The government won’t get too involved to where their breathing down the businesses neck, but enough to keep them on a leash.


Derek H.

Student, KHS