Kendra F. Missouri


Many immigrants are refugees trying to escape a corrupt government to a place of safety and freedom.

Dear Future President,

          There are a few things that have come to my attention involving the United States; one being immigration. Have you ever thought if immigration hurts or helps the economy? I've been doing some research and from 1990 to 2007, undocumented workers have increased legal worker's pay in complementary jobs by up to ten percent. Undocumented workers can take care of routine tasks which allow legal professionals to focus on what they do best and we can get more done this way! And this is just how it is. Bosses no longer have to pay highly skilled workers to perform basic tasks because undocumented workers will do it cheaply. They'll work for just about whatever they can get.

          It really isn't a problem.  There are a lot of complaints about immigrants taking our jobs but they really aren't. It's not much different than current sixteen year olds applying for jobs. It's just new workers. The only real difference is that immigrants tend to be paid less than legal workers which actually makes it even less of a problem. Yes, some immigrants come to the country with bad intentions, but people are people. Even Americans have bad intentions and do violent things. But not every immigrant comes to the states to do bad things.

          Another problem along the lines of immigration is education. When undocumented children enter America for an education, they are usually at least two grade levels behind. Immigrants don't have very much nor do they ask for much, but an education is important and it really shouldn't be a hassle to provide someone with one. Undocumented students need a similar level of attention as special-needs students generally due to lack of Englis , as well as other things they were deprived of at home.  They need help with just about everything, and I honestly don't feel like that's too much to ask.

          Like I mentioned before, the only real problem with immigration is the intentions some of them have. Many are only refugees trying to escape a corrupt government to a place of safety and freedom. The alternative is not to block immigration, because really, there isn't a problem.


                                                                                                                        Kendra F.