Dezirae' Edwards Louisiana


This letter is to the future president of the United States on the issue of abortion in our country.

Dear Future President,

           Hi, my name is Dezirae' Edwards, I am a 16 year old that attends Delta Charter School in Ferriday Louisiana. I am writing you to state my opinion about abortion. I am very concerned about how many babies are being murdered by abortion daily. Many people feel like abortion is against the law , which it should be. Meanwhile most of them think it's actually fine. Why should anyone decide to kill their babies?

            One point two million abortions happen each year. That's one point two million murders of babies each year. Abortion should be a crime. I think people should go to jail for abortion as long as people are being sentenced for murder. Abortion is just wrong! It would be better to put the baby up for adoption so it has a chance to do great things. Choosing to kill the baby would be taking the chance to have a family away from someone who isn't able to have a baby themselves. In the case of a child of rape the child should have a chance to live a normal life even if it came into this world in a horrible manner. I hope that as the next president of the United States you can do something to change this. 

           If you can bring that abortion percentage to zero percent, I think you would be the best President in United States history. I know a lot of people in Ferriday that go through abortions and its because they cannot afford taking care of the baby , but that is no excuse for murder I think you should do something about this. This is a big problem in Ferriday, Louisiana and the whole United States.

Sincerely Yours,

Dezirae' Edwards 

Delta Charter School

DCS US History

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