Mia Nevada

My letter to the president

Will the president try to make America better or is the president going to do more damage

Dear President

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely" --John Acton. Today I see politicians who lose themselves after the taste of power. They hide behind a mask of innocence and claim that they are only speaking for what's best for the people with crossed fingers conveniently hidden behind their backs. Politicians who crave this power forget about the people, that they serve us. To lead us when we're  confused and lost, to make the tough and right decision. Now imagine what if our nation's leader was like this? What if you are like this? This country needs someone who remembers the strongest our country has ever been is when we know that the true power is in the hands of the people. Where we are not controlled by lies and regulations. 

P.s Please remember to lead us right, with our best interest at heart not yours