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College Tuition 2016

The world is becoming smarter and the only way to survive is if you're educated; without that you can’t have a career, and you would go through the struggle of life. That’s why you shouldn’t do bad in school. There are bright people in the world that never get a chance to go to college.

Dear Mr/Mrs President,

I feel the cost of college should lower be lowered. I feel like many Americans find that they are smart, but can’t afford the college cost. I understand colleges need money, but they should lower the price. Students have dreams and goals to reach.

Instead of making college free, they should lower the prices for the students that have done good through 9th-12th grade and are either an  A or student. They should lower the price for students that struggle with getting money or students that don’t have scholarships. Everyone has a goal they want to reach, and they can’t if the price of college is too high.  



Image inspired by Jeff Parker "Welcome to Economics 101 Kid"

Troy High School

Mr. Mo's Amazing English Students

Each of my students has a voice that needs to be heard. These are the minds and hearts that will help shape our country's future. All student writing, audio, video and artwork is 100% original and supported with in-depth research. Enjoy their incredible work.

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