Kymani S. New York


My views on the problems with education and possible solutions.

Dear Next President,

The biggest issue facing America today is education because students aren’t graduating on time because they are problems at the house. Did you know that according to 2014 Census Bureau data. The median household income is $28,429. Just 13 percent of those age 25 and up have a bachelor's degree, half of the state average. In addition The Jennings School District, however, does all of these things and more. It serves about 3,000 students in a low-income, predominantly African-American area just north of St. Louis. This issue is important to me because I see a lot of smart kids have problems struggling in class because they have other things that are going on in their life. One solution to this issue is to support families with financial problems, Another solution is give job opportunities to students suffering from poverty. In the future I hope you will be able to solve this problem within the educational system.


Kymani S.