Vanessa N. Tennessee


This letter is about how bullying is the most important issue and how the future President should help those who are bullied and those who are the victims of the bully.

Dear Mr./Mrs. Future President,

My name is Vanessa Martinez, and I am a STEM Preparatory High School freshman year student. The most important issue I want to talk to you about is how students all around the word get bullied. This is an important issue in the world because bullying has caused multiple accounts of suicide in young lives.

Bullying is a huge issue in the United States because there are many students in school that get bullied and they make any adult aware of the issue and the bullying just keeps happening. For I was one of the people in the world that was bullied in my elementry year and I felt uncomfortable to tell my parents. I felt like they were not going to believe me just because I was a child. When I got older, I became a bully my entire years in the middle school. I thought that me being the bully was going to help me to get my anger and all my affections of when I was bullied, however I was wrong. Being the bully in the middle school was the time when I realized that what ever happened to me in the past was just on me, and not on the others around me. I realized that my victims did not have anything to do when I was bullied in the past. After all I really do regret the idea of me being the bully in my past year and now I just defend those that get bullied and I help the bully and help them to change their way of life.

I believe that you, the future President, should have a rehabilitation center for both the bully and the people that had been bullied in their lives. This rehabilitation center can work because if we help the bully to think about how this affected not just them but the person they said the horrible things to it can help them to see that what they did was wrong. It will also work because if the rehabilitation center talks to the victims they can understand that what was being said was not true and that there self esteem should never go down. It can also help them because if they take the therapy given to them they will not want to take revenge over the people that bullied then, just like I did.

In conclusion, bullying is a big issue in the world because if too much of the bullying happens then more reports of suicide will be made. This is because as the bullying is being made toward a person the person feels like they are useless in their life. This can also have a cause of lack of self-esteem. I would not want bullying to keep continuing because losing a friend or family member to bullying is the worst thing that can ever happen to you because you think that their was something that you could have done but in reality there was not.


Vanessa N. Martinez A. 

STEM Prep High School

STEM Prep High School: Nashville

The Graduating Class of 2024.

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