Zaira California

Gun Violence

About Gun Violence

Dear Next President,

I think you should worry about gun violence because there's people getting killed for no reason and out of nowhere. This issue matters to the world because some people are scared to go out and have fun without the thought of being shot is running through their minds.

According to the Brady Campaign in 2015, people from all ages 11,184 people are murdered and 440 are killed by police intervention. Some of those people use those guns to get back at someone because they’re hurt or they did something to them.

The New York Times asked their readers in the United States if the thought of a shooting in in their daily life. “More than 5,000 people have felt anxiety while riding the subway, going to the movies, dropping their kid at school and attending religious services”. That’s a huge problem because you can tell there’s been a lot of guns aren’t used for something useful that. I think no one should ever get anxiety by going out somewhere

Others in the word think gun control is getting worse every year because you or the government don’t make someone buying a gun stricter than it already is. According to in 2015, 30 americans are being killed everyday and 50% are black men. That’s also racism and I know you can’t do nothing about that but not someone that’s a color

What’s been tried to prevent gun violence is not trying to get them into the wrong hands which isn’t that easy because someone who wants to get a gun you don’t know with what they’re going to need the gun. They might be seem nice but after they bought the gun they could go and do something crazy like go shoot a school, go into a house and shoot someone, go into a family gathering of a family they don’t know or just go up to someone and kill them.

I haven’t seen it been tried anywhere which is bad because that means some people just give the guns to anyone and don’t think what might happen next.

In my opinion I think their should be much more stricter laws on how someone could buy a gun. Instead of the person selling the gun to the other customer like that. I think certain people should only be able to buy a gun.

Thank you for your time Mr. President I hope you can actually change the rules on gun violence, to keep people safe.

Student at New Technology High School,

Zaira Rafael.

New Technology High School

American Studies

New Tech High's Junior class. This is a team taught US History and Literature class.

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