Jordy C. Missouri


Over many years there has been discrimination of racism against Mexicans, African Americans, Asians, and many more races.

Dear President,

 I am a ninth grader who is looking forward to seeing how you will make America great again, as you say... I am very interested in politics and am very concerned about discrimination in America. Congratulations MR./MRS. President 

   Over many years there has been discrimination of racism against Mexicans, African Americans, Asian and many other kinds of race. But not just of racial discrimination but cultural and poverty. They would also feel bad/shocked and want to fight back. Discrimination is what starts wars,fights, and many other crimes. That is why friends, communities, cities, states, and even countries break down. The Nazi discriminated the Jews, killing millions of them just because they had different traits then the Germans. Then Rosa Park was forced to sit at the back of the bus by a white man because she was black. My point is the Nazi and white people (people/everyone in general discriminates.) discriminated these people or person because they had or were something they didn’t like about them. That is why the Nazi’s killed the Jews. Then Rosa Park went to jail after resisting to move to the back of the bus. Then Martin Luther King Jr. had to stand up for his kind because he couldn't take the racial discrimination anymore.

   Why do they think they’re better? If one is white and one is black, if one is a man and the other is a woman. If one is Christian and one is Jew, all came from God, we are the same. Show them what you think and do so they respect you as a human if one learns to understand and respect all points of view. Then peace on Earth must surely come. People should not discriminate other people because of the skin color or religion that they are. “Some McDonald’s workers who say they were fired because of their race are suing the fast-food giant, accusing it of dodging responsibility for the discrimination and harassment they say they endured.”. These “McDonald’s workers in Virginia were allegedly fired because they were black”. American’s tend to believe just because they are rich they have power to control the poor. They think just because they are more popular or different race or cultural that they can discriminate others and put them down, and make their lives miserable in every way they can. 

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