maryori District Of Columbia


Not having enough male African American teachers impacts students future and career. Schools should be more diverse, and equal rights for all students.

Dear Next President,

Hello, my name is Maryori M. and I am an 8th grader at E.L.Haynes Middle School in Washington DC. My topic is education and the problem I have been focusing on is that the schools in the US seem to operate based on skin color and race. For example, there aren’t very many African American males who teach in schools. Additionally, schools are suspending kids based on their ethnicity. I think schools should operate based on ability and facts. Schools should be more diverse and include more African American male teachers. Also, schools need to use facts outside of race to solve problems within their institution. This is important, because if we have more diversity, such as black role models it can make a big change and impact in the black community. 

I think the rules for our country should be fair for all citizens, no matter your race or culture. We should be considered all equal. Based on Newsela, almost half of the black preschoolers have been suspended more than once. This happens because they don’t have enough African american role models (teachers) to help them along the way. One solution is to increase the number of African american teachers. Having role models that understand you, support you, and help you can impact you mentally and physically in a good way. It can affect your future and dreams.

Thank you for your time,

Maryori. M