Gavin Vermont

Gun Control

Who is pulling the trigger?

Dear Future President of the United States,

I believe there should be something done about gun control due to the mass amount of deaths in recent years caused by gun violence in incidents such as the Pulse night club shooting, and Sandy Hook. I think gun control is the only solution to this problem. There needs to be limits on gun sales regarding certain people, not on what types of guns are sold. A gun sitting on a table can't hurt anybody, only the person using the gun can.

This issue will impact your reputation majorly, because of how much of a problem it has become in more recent years. There were 49 people killed and 53 injured in the Pulse Nightclub shooting. If at the time of the shooting there were limits on what people could buy guns, I believe the shooting would not have happened. The shooter Omar Mateen’s ex wife “said that she thinks he was mentally ill.” 4 He, in the two weeks prior to the shooting, was able to legally walk into a gun store and purchased a glock and a long gun. If there had been better background checks they would have been able to find out his ex wife believed he was mentally ill, which would have prevented him from purchasing the guns used to kill so many people. I think the Mr./Mrs. President that if you don't do something about this in the coming years, something similar could happen and damage your reputation for not doing anything to stop it from happening.

I think a good example of what could be done is what Australia’s prime minister John Howard did. As a result of the laws Mr.Howard made “Auto rifles and Shotguns were banned, Gun owner licenses were tightened and the remaining firearms were registered to uniform national standards.”2. Australia collected and destroyed over 1 million firearms. While there is still is gun violence in Australia, the national rate of gun homicide is 30 times lower than the United States.

I think there would be a few problems with Australia's movement if it were to be implemented in the United States. These issues mainly concern the constitution. Because you have a right to privacy, there are certain limits on what you can do for background checks so it is hard to find out who should and should not be allowed to have a gun. One other problem is the right to bear arms. Taking away guns is simply not possible with that law in place. So I think that being the President you should make an effort to find a way in which limitations on guns is possible, while still having all the original laws in place.

In a President we are looking for someone who will listen to the people. They should take the people's requests into consideration to help come up with a final solution to problems, that mostly everybody can agree with. Although it may be hard, there is always a way to find a solution, and a good President will make sure to find that solution to create peace throughout the United States of America.