Eli Vermont

Black lives matter

Why are we treated so differently?

Eli, 6th grade

I believe that Black Lives Matter is a huge issue in America.

I believe we can make Black Lives Matter’s goals true by making equality available for all Americans regardless of race.

I believe that you are the person to do it.

Black people are getting targeted by the police.`For example, one of the Ferguson incidents on August 10th, 2015 an 18 year old was killed. A victim was trying to run away from gun fires but the police thought that he was one of the person who had started the gun fires, but how would the police know he did it? The victim's mother says that he didn’t do anything wrong he just wanted to tell the police what was happening and that he would never do such a thing. But he was shot by the police.

One solution would be to ask what is happening and unless they shoot first the police shouldn’t fire their weapons. If the police are going to shoot they shouldn’t go for the kill but for the victims foot or their hand,anywhere that is not a vital spot. Another solution is that you can increase the available training for the police to help them not be afraid and to be ready for anything that comes their way. When I went to a lecture on this subject, Brandon del Pozo the chief of police in Burlington, said “57,000 independent police department with all of their own rules, and how this could be a solution is because the President can set a national standard guideline that the police can follow in all states.” And as the President, you can make decisions on standards when to pull out guns, and for the police to go in numbers where they can support each other, and required level of training for any police who is likely to address a scene of crime.

As President, you can help communities. Make them safe for Black citizens. Making their community a safe place to live. You can help communitys if you have to to make America a safe place for everyone.You as President can use this evidence to help communities with the Black Lives Matter issue.


Eli Marden