Zachary U. Illinois

Respect is Important

Respect is one of the most important idea or theory every human in the social world should have.

Dear Mr.Trump,

It seems that your inappropriate actions have caused people to dislike you because you cannot control yourself or your words. The first example of your disrespect (which is most likely the worst) is you made fun of a dead veterans family while being on the air. That just took things way too far way too quick, because of this many people don’t like you all that much due to your actions during the electoral debates but that all can change if you find a way to respect all the people you will be running as the president of the U.S. Thus when it comes to having respect towards people’s race or the fact that some people are disabled it is crucial not to make the public angry by making fun of their race or their disability. Studies show that respect has been called “The single most powerful ingredient in nourishing relationships and creating a just society.” (Lawrence-Lightfoot, 2000, p. 13) So if you respect the people around you, people will start enjoying your leadership more and having hope that you will “make America great again.” If you the president of the United States continue to show the level of disrespect when you go office as you did in the news during your debates with Hillary the children of future generations will be just as disrespectful as you. Evidence shows that “Respectful children and adolescents tend to become respectful, civil, and tolerant adults.”(Research and Theory on Respect and Disrespect: Catching Up with the Public and Practitioners David W. Shwalb, Barbara J. Shwalb). When you take the thought or theory of respect away from the children of the future you make the future a lot less tolerable because nobody respects the person next to them. By being the next president of the United States of America you must find a way to build a foundation of respect that all people will remember you by instead of the president that made fun of the people he ran. Some people may say that “You do not need respect to make people like you” or that “Respect is for people that have no social popularity” but they are all but wrong because if someone next to you started making fun of the way you look or stereotyping you by your age and race you would probably get angry and maybe even a little down. If you don’t have respect to other people your social popularity will go down instead of up because no one likes a person that makes fun of them (most people call that person a bully). So if you want to “make America great again” learn to respect people so they will like you more, effectively making the population easier to manage and run.

Metea Valley High School

Metea Valley Sophomore English

All sophomore students at Metea Valley High School wrote letters to President-Elect Trump, voicing their issues on ideas that are important to them. These letters were part of a three-week project, where we learned about rhetorical situation; types of claims; types of evidence; and embedding quotes.

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