andre n. Pennsylvania


The number of immigrants that come to the US looking for opportunities grows every day.

September 9, 2016

Dear Next President,

Think about your life, it is good you have almost everything you want. Right now think that you are an immigrant that barely can live or even sustain his family. Immigrants leave evlifehing that they had or have and moved to the U.S.A. seeking for a better life and to start from scratch and begin again. Some of them have to be exposed to high temperatures in the desert and just to look for a new opportunity and you are going to destroy their dream. With the poverty that the latin people live in central america they can barely afford a car or a house for themselves. They work so hard for their families and they can't even give good presents or clothes. I think that if the next president put some attention to what the people ask for, they can win and they could be better president. The next four years you can help us and I join them in this fight even though I'm a Puerto Rican.

Today there is a total of 42.4 million of immigrants who lived in the USA by, 2014 between 2013 and 2014 the foreign-born population by 1 million. There is only 39,506,871 of 324 million total people in the USA.The immigrants form a 12% of the total population from the US. Immigrants come from another country and because they can't legally work they seek for jobs in construction. Immigrants help build U.S. economy according to the small business administration they have a 30% more likely to start a business in the US than non-immigrants. Many of these small business generated more than $776 million annually. The immigrants provide work for americans. Immigrants have started important companies like google, ebay, yahoo and AT&T. An 84% of the immigrants work as engineers, mathematicians, physical scientist, computer scientist and many others important positions.

Some of the US companies offer job for immigrants like in Mcdonald's or in Red Lobster you can work as a dishwasher but you won’t be payed fair. They should destroy the frontier wall and let US be the land of opportunity like they say. Dear next president, I hope that you read this letter and please have compassion for all the immigrants that come to america looking for a new opportunity to start from zero and live again please let them be citizens like you and me. They walk for about three or even a week or two just to get a new opportunity or start a new life. You should let them be normal people and not treat them like they are criminals.


Andre Nieves-Ortiz