karson Texas


It's about time for our kids to mature up and start acting their age.

       Hello my name is Karson. I am a fourteen year old in Texas that is getting tired of all of the disrespect from today's generation. I think today's generation has totally fallen off of the deep end in having manners for other people. For example today's schools are the most unsafe things from gangs, to fights, and then to drugs. And I truly believe there is nobody to blame but the parents of the kids of this disrespectful generation. It just makes me sick to see all of the kids these days walking around as gangsters and totally disrespecting their parents as well as others around them. If I was their parent and they started to disrespect me I would go get some baby food and feed them baby formula until they started acting their age. I'm sure that would put a stop to most of the disrespect that is going around these days. 

      I have one more point to make before I conclude my letter. It absolutely ticks me off to see that kids these days think that it is cool to be disrespectful to adults. It is a serious thing when kids start to disrespect the veterans and elders of this great country. If someday there is not enough soldiers volunteering to fight for our country you can blame the disrespect of our younger kids. I don't blame them them either because i wouldn't want to fight for disrespectful kids either. That is all I have for today if you have any questions contact me but don't get mad because I am gonna tell you the truth.