C.J Louisiana

The war on ISIS

What will you do as our president to deal with ISIS?

Dear Next President,

I have a couple questions about what you plan to do about future wars and the war we are facing against ISIS. How will you personally defeat ISIS. What techniques will you use that Mr. Obama didn’t do? What will you do if ISIS declares nuclear war? How will you react to this and what will you try to do?

ISIS has been a big problem for a long time. ISIS was created by Americans that thought America is over rated. Now it’s a terrorist group that will kill themselves to kill 10-60 people. As it states in the article “Here who ISIS would vote for in the next us election.” ISIS actually cares about the identity of the next American president. The actions of one U.S. president helped create ISIS in the wake of the Iraq war; the non-action of another U.S. president allowed the group to emerge as the political and military power that we know now. Like voters, ISIS prefers candidates who serve its objectives.” What will you do if they went to a big event like a debate or a voting place and started to kill over 100 people? This a big part of what it takes to be a leader. If someone asked you what will you do to save America. How would you give a straight answer without avoiding it.

Mr. Obama did a lot to fight ISIS and help our allies. He was trying to make the world great but, now he is not president you are. What will you do to fight ISIS? Will you help the soldier by ending this war or will you make it into something bigger? Right now the United States shouldn’t go to war because of the debt we have to deal with. If we have to go into war just to end this thing once and for all them go ahead. The thing is if we defeat them they could grow back and be bigger and stronger. ISIS wish Trump luck on becoming president because, “ His consideration of sending 10,000 U.S. troops to fight ISIS is another reason for the terror group to wish him luck in his presidential quest.” This was from the same article. ISIS wants more troops to fight so they can convince the soldiers to fight for them.

How will you deal nuclear war? If ISIS decides to bomb us then how would you react? The best thing should be is to drop “the big one” on them. The reason for this is because it would destroy most of ISIS, bad the bad thing is we might destroy and kill everything that is by them. If I was in that position then I would try to make an agreement with ISIS that no bombs will ever destroy any property of either units.