jacobporter Louisiana


Dear next president. did you know Many families in Louisiana are dependent on the oilfield. in small towns in and around Louisiana that and farming are the only jobs available. many families are struggling to meet ends meet. there are huge pay cuts and many men and women are left without jobs. So what is your plan.

Donald Trump - "The drop in oil prices, the growth in jobs and in economic strength led by Texas and other producing states is being wiped out as we watch. Our shale producers are shutting down and even OPEC is beginning to cry uncle. During this year's CERA Week the discussions all circled around the US shale producers and when they would begin to shut in wells. What we do now will shape the "Energy Future" of the planet. With both Exxon and BP reports showing that oil is going to be the go to for energy for the foreseeable future we need to be focused on how we lead, not just proclaim victory. However, even as we speak the dynamic is changing. US production is falling, oil jobs are going away and OPEC is battling Iran for market share. All the while the price is creeping back up, topping $50 a barrel". IS this your real plan are you gonna stay true to your word are you gonna help me and many others get our jobs back?
Hillary Clinton- "On my first day as President, I'll set two big goals. I want the U.S. to have half a billion solar panels by 2020. And I want us to generate enough renewable electricity to power every home in America in the next 10 years. With the right investments, we’ll create good-paying jobs and make America the world’s clean energy superpower." I don't think she will try to help the families in the oilfield get back on their feet but if she wins she definitely need to help these families. 

Please help us 

Sincerely - Jacob Porter