Ryan W. Nevada

Cost Of College

Many students are drowning in debt due to the cost of college tuition, a majority have to drop out or spend years after college trying to pay the college back. Lowering or reducing the cost would help millions of people out.

Dear future President,

               The cost of college over time has increased dramatically, to the point where people can't go or a majority of students are in debt. To go to an average college it will cost you around $35,000 about 17 times more than the cost in 1971-72. Many parents and students are so stressed out their college lives drowning in debt that they almost don't get to enjoy the college life or they have to drop out due to the expenses. Part of college is meeting new people and determining what you want to do in life. Many start to figure out how there life is about to play out in the future. Being in debt they don't get to enjoy that part and spend more time stressing about it rather than trying to figure those things out and studying. There's some very smart people out there that never get the opportunity to go to college. Also making it harder for them to get a job because many places look for college degrees. Due to their family not owning much money and them not being able to go college because of it, they can't provide for their family the way they need too.                                                                                                                                      

              I believe that college should be free for students if you reach a certain GPA average at least a 3.0 average that's what you need to get into most colleges anyways. Thats a B average if you work hard and turn in all your work you'll be able to achieve that. If you want free college or reduced priced college, teens should work hard all through high school.. Colleges should want to accept people that don't have the money but can contribute to making the school an all around smarter school. The schools potentially could gather more students with a hard work ethic that want to keep at least the 3.0 to maintain the free college they are receiving.The colleges would get more intelligent individuals that couldn't afford college before. It shouldn't be the teens fault that their family doesn't have money so he/she can't go out and start a future for themselves and go to college. At first you could start by making community colleges free for students that reach at least a 3.0 GPA, to test the waters on how that would go and if student in families with lower income would go to college. Why wouldn't you want to give a helpless human an opportunity to help themselves make their life successful and also help make the United States for successful? College is suppose to be a time where you are starting to figure yourself out and what you want to do in life, if you're working and coping to school all the time and are drowning in debt you're almost too stressed out to even focus on what you want to do in life. 


                College is filled with lots of opportunities and success. If you lowered the cost of college tuition then a lot more students would be able to attend college, or even given free to students that meet a certain GPA. If college keeps increasing the way it is, a lot more people aren't even going to be able to afford it. Families each year are borrowing about $100 billion dollars and it keeps increasing every year. Students share had more than doubled due to the states cutting funding back by 30 percent. No one wants to live in debt their whole lives, about only 50% actually finish college due to being too far into debt. College shouldn't be holding people back from being successful in life. Most jobs require having some kind of degree and if you can't afford college then you aren't getting that degree. From not getting that job or degree you aren't able to put a meal out for your family, all because when you were a teen in a high school your family didn't have money. Teens can't control how their parents spend their money but they can control what kind of grades they get. If they work hard in school and get at least the 3.0 average they deserve the reduced/ free college.


Ryan Weatherill, NV


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