Karmina m. Texas

We are the future

We students are the future, we need schools to support our dreams so we can achieve.

The education system, a system in which that was developed during the industrial revolution to meet the needs of our economic demands. Although now, 2016, the system is failing and it’s taking us down with it, the students, and with these students being our next generation, our future will fail.

In western nations, we complain about our poor quality education that is given to the students (and we should) At this moment, our country educational system is not adapted to how our brains learn. Instead, it's competition of who's smartest and who would live a successful life and who would live a poor, sad life not doing what they love. The school system in America is turning our schools into graveyard for the genius we all possess.

As human beings, we have the instinct to learn new things, like when children ask their parents questions, they want to learn new things! We don't learn because someone tells us to, we learn because we want to. And schools are not helping our students with learning, we are taught to practice for tests, not taught to be what we want to be and we aren't taught things that will help us in our adult life (pay taxes, how to buy a house, how to understand credit etc..) So, I would go as far as to say that schools are so counterproductive that it drains our natural energy to learn. It imposes rules and limits to our imagination and creativity. For the majority of us, school has become a place of boredom, a place to make us think the same way, a place of tension, and the final stop of our imagination!

We students need not feel trapped by our own education. Teachers tell what we should learn, if a question is too advanced, then you are told to wait a couple of years to learn it. Then we learn to listen and repeat what the teacher tells us. If not, it will affect our grades as well as your chances to “become something in life”.

I do not like the school system because it is following the wrong principals. We need a system that encourages us to learn and supports us, and with that, we students will achieve. A system that teaches us how to think, and instead of competing we should be connecting and collaborating This society is evolving and so should the system.

Our future relies on us, the students.