Kelvin R. Illinois

Policy Tweaks

My opinions on what Mr. Trump should tweak about his policies.

Dear Mr. President Trump,

Good job winning over Hillary, it was a very close election and I was on your side all the way. I support all of your policies and think they are good, but I also have some tweaks I feel might make them better.

I agree that illegal immigration should be stopped, and the wall would be a good idea, but building a new wall is a total waste of money that can be put toward something else. I say this, because even though you believe Mexico should pay for it, the idea is unrealistic. You would have to use the country's money. The country is already deep in debt, (maybe you can pay if off). I feel that you should just improve the border security and the existing barriers put in place to stop illegal immigrants. 

You say you will expand the United States Armed Forces, and you will temporarily stop the immigration of foreign muslims until ISIS is destroyed. Since the military will be bigger, can you use the soldiers to make safe-zones for the real refugees in Syria? There is a smaller risk of Americans dying but also protecting other people that way.

I also like how you will make college more affordable for us, since my parents get really worried about high college tuitions.