Intisam C. New York

Cloning to prevent extinction

Cloning is just the tip of the iceberg of what problems it can ultimately solve

Dear Mister or Madam President

Very few articles of news reports contain information in the scientific studies of cloning. This is a slow yet growing problem occurring globally as we see many species of creature go extinct and the human population not being able to discover it. There are multiple topics that fuse in with cloning. I feel this topic is very important because it can turn the tables in the struggles that we as a global economy face, but now I will discuss a problem that will soon be in the minds of people.

The first animal to be cloned was a sheep named Dolly and it was the first demonstration of artificial embryo twinning. The ability to clone has almost kept as a secret with us since 1885 where as not many people would think we advanced into genetic cloning. The human population is growing quicker than we have imagined and as we expand outwards we threaten the lives of animals that require special needs in order to survive. It was discovered more recently in 2001 we figured out how to clone endangered animals by a somatic cell nuclear transfer. I wonder if we are able to clone, why cant we use that ability to preserve species giving way to human destruction.

Since 1985 we have cloned certain species and used them as experiments or to study from them. Scientists can use that type information to discover entire genetic sequences of species some which are inactive in our bodies and in other organisms. There are even fish that have a glow because they have the same genes as some jellyfish. Cloning could positively benefit medical advancement since we could find a perfect genetic copy of a species it could eliminate diseases and certain pathogens.

Probably the main issue we don't clone at an industrial scale could be because it can and would be abused which would require some laws on cloning. With modern issues like climate change taking its toll on the planet in which cloning could help in various ways. It can provide a boost to military defenses and war alike by just cloning the strongest member in the army to potentially create an effective military. At some point old viruses and pathogens resurface threatening the species population count.

This is why I am asking you to take time out of your day to read this letter on cloning. Its not a important topic, its a very important topic and it can help the world survive in a way that seems like a fictional story but with action on the perfect cure for species everywhere we can make the world a much better and anticipated future.

Thank You 

Sincerely ~Intisam Chowdhury

Student from East West School of International Studies