Denzel Texas

Legalizing Weed

The illegalization of marijuna shouldn't be taken away, but should be controlled.

October 28th, 2016

Dear Future President,

Uses of marijuana can be a scary thing, but also it can be a good thing. The misuse of this drug can be fatal and can cause many problems in the human life. When you choose to be influenced by the problems of this world, including drugs, the consequences can be life threatening. So west be careful of how we use this drug, or it could ruin our lives entirely.

Marijuana is a greenish-gray mixture of dried leaves that are shredded from the flower Cannabis sativa. It can be smoked through through a rolled piece of paper called a joint, you can use water pipes called bongs, or you can smoke it with a cigar called a blunt. It's a drug that can be used for medicinal purposes in tea. Although many people have taken this drug and shaped it into an unhealthy drug, putting it in everyday products like brownies, popcorn, cookies, or candy. If this is the way we change a necessity for a healthy lifestyle, why legalize it. People control their own lives, if they choose the right path, then they won't wind up being hurt. We should all remember that sometimes marijuana is essential for a healthier life for some people. We don't want to take away that means of happiness just because a couple people make mistakes with the product. Just improve security of the product or change the rules, but don't take it away for people.

Therefore, I believe the legalization of marijuana should be allowed, but should be taken care of. The government should use precaution on the supply and demand of the “weed” product, and create a command economy based on the production and sales of the creation. They could sell to other hospitals, making profit off of it, and in turn allowing farmers to produce more of the product easier. (Though we wouldn’t want them to get high on their own supply.) So, if we legalize marijuana, decide what path you want to choose, a right way or wrong way.



Student, KHS