Ben California

Gun Control

Gun control

October 26, 2016

Mr./Mrs. President

1600 Pennsylvania ave NW

Washington, D.C

Dear Mr/Mrs. President:

Congratulations on winning the 2016 Presidential election! When you are president you have a lot of important decisions to make during your term, and some of those decisions will affect the way the country turns out for the next presidential election in 2020. For instance, some of the controversial issues you will have to act on are gun control, illegal immigration, abortion, and terrorism. I hope you make the right decisions.

Gun control is not something that I agree with, and i feel the media is doing a poor job portraying the positive effects of gun ownership.When something happens involving guns in a negative way, like a shooting, the media does a whole article on it, but when something happens that is not negative towards guns such as, a National Rifle Association (NRA) carrying citizen stopping a crime using his legal right as a citizen, the media ignores it. This is a problem. Gun control laws do not deter crime. Gun ownership deters crime. A November 26, 2013 study found that between 1980 and 2009 “assault weapon bans did not significantly affect murder rates at the state level” and “States with restrictions on the carrying of concealed weapons had higher gun related murders.” While gun ownership doubled in the twentieth century, the murder rate decreased. “If guns are outlawed then the only people with guns will be outlaws.” We

Gun control laws infringe upon the right of self defense and deny people the ability to stop a crime in progress. More harsh gun control laws are not the answer. What is needed however, is a greater focus on education about firearms. We should teach people from an early age the damage they could do, how to properly and safely use them, and the steps to take to make sure that they are safely used and stored. Education is the key.

On the subject of background checks, Jeb Bush, Former Governor of Florida stated, "In this particular case [the Emanuel AME church shooting in Charleston, SC], the FBI made a mistake. The law itself requires a background check, but that didn't fulfill their part of the bargain within the time that they were supposed to do.

We don't need to add new rules, we need to make sure the FBI does its job. Because that person [Dylann Roof], should not have gotten a gun, should not -- would not have passed a background check. There are far more credible sources on this subject, and I shall name one more.Sean Davis, MBA, cofounder and CFO of The Federalist, in a June 18, 2015 article, "No, a Lack of Gun Control Didn't Cause the Charleston Shooting," available at, stated: "What we do know is that nine innocent men and woman were slaughtered in a mandatory gun-free zone by an evil madman wielding a gun.More gun laws won't prevent evil people from doing evil things. Human nature cannot be legislated away. No amount of laws can ever eliminate evil acts committed by evil men. But gun control laws like those in South Carolina certainly can eliminate the ability of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves from those who intend to do evil. And that’s a tragedy."

As you can see there are far more opinions about this subject than just my own. If you,as the president, I wish you Mr. or Mrs. President a long term and a prosperous life.


Ben T.