Ronnie B. California

Gun Control

Storing Not Preventing

Dear Future President,

Gun control has been an ongoing problem as many believe it to conflict with the Second Amendment. Gun control has become an important issue due to incidents involving young children finding the gun somewhere then later causing the death of themselves or another person they’re with. I believe that laws on gun control should be adjusted in order to enforce more safety for people, rather than adding more prevention of owning guns. 

Laws should be changed to keep guns more securely with their owners by making sure owners have a safe place for guns to be kept. These places can include a pass-code safe or place high and inaccessible to children (if any). Having guns stored in more secure areas in homes will lead to fewer deaths involving children accidentally getting a hold of a gun. Also, without preventing people from owning guns, but just adding a must for containing them, gun laws won’t cause problems for the people's right to bear arms.