Connor P. California

Gun Control

Gun Control

October 26, 2016

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW,

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr./Mrs.President:

I congratulate you on being our new president. It must be an honor to have a job like this. Many people look up to you. I would like to bring up a bad situation in our country that scares me and my family; gun control. This is a situation where now it is to easy to murder. For example, there has been the incident in Orlando and even schools. It is just getting out of control in our country, I want to see this country safer to live in. There is a way to solve this problem and it starts with you. You need to speak about this problem publicly, so this big topic is being thought about from our citizens.

For me, I think we need more restrictions on having guns. Firstly, if you can not fly on a plane since you are too dangerous, you are too dangerous to own a gun. This happens because the person has a criminal record, if they have a “bad” criminal record, they should not have a gun. Secondly, I believe that we do not need to own military type guns. Only the military fighting for our country should have these guns, not a person who wants it to “play with it”. I understand having a handgun to protect your family, I totally understand that situation, but having a military type gun is crossing the line. Thirdly, we do not need to own more than three guns per household. For instance, if you're one gun is not working or old.However, if you are a hunter, I believe that you need to justify why you need three guns in your household.

This can hurt them or bystanders. A situation occurred when a young girl accidentally shot the mom and killed her in the car. We do not need to influence them to use a gun or have a gun, while that young of a age. The main points are more restrictions, age limit, and have a background check before buying a gun. This will help our country be more safe and be a

We need to stop all the killings in the country. It seems like everytime you turn the tv on, there was a massive killing. We need to stop this once and for all. Overall, we need to have more restrictions for guns. We need to check their criminal record and have more of a process while buying a gun.

Thank you for reading my letter; hopefully we can solve this problem.


Connor P.