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Letter to next president

Concerns about gun violence and some facts to make you think about this problem we have and make some changes to it.

Dear Future President,

I am a concerned high school student preparing to start voting, my reasoning to send you this letter is to inform you about changing gun laws in our country. Have you ever noticed all the deaths from guns? I’m concerned about this problem because we’ve had many tragedies and a lot of people died for this cause of the “gun laws”, we all need to do something about it.

According to The New York Times in other countries they banned certain type of weapons and a lot of them for this cause. The main countries are Australia, Britain, and Canada have all responded to gun violence. They all had mass killings had a huge effect and resulted into changing gun laws.The statics said that all gun violence dropped about 53% for Australia, Britain 59% and Canada 45%.

Australia’s turning point was in April 1996 when a man armed with a semiautomatic weapon killing 35 people and wounded 23 in Port Arthur, Tasmania. Britain’s turning point was when in 1987 a man was armed in a southern English town of Hungerford killing 16 people, including his mother and a police officer leading to people with shotguns have to register them and prohibiting semiautomatic weapons. Then nearly a decade after that, 16 children and a teacher were in killed during three minutes of horror in the Scottish town of Dunblane in 1996. The British government then banned the private ownership of handguns and automatic weapons in Britain’s mainland. Restrictions to handguns and automatic weapons in Canada was in the 1930s. Some gun laws were expanded to have rifles and shotguns in the aftermath of a rampage in 1989 when an unemployed and embittered 25 year old with a semiautomatic hunting rifle went into a engineering school in Montreal. He then separated the men and from the women and then killing 14 female students before turning the gun on himself. After that, every weapon had to be registered and they had to obtain a license.

The CSM cited David Hemenway a professor at Harvard School of Public Health who sent out surveys to scientist and it resulted saying that a gun in the home increases risk of suicide, makes women more likely to be victims of homicide, and makes more homes dangerous. Of the 150 scientists that responded saying that a gun in the home increases the chance that a woman living there will be murdered, 72% agreed and 11% disagreed. A Gallup poll found that 63% Americans found it safe to have a gun in their homes. About 55% agreed that people believe that having a gun in their homes is good for their own protection against predators.

My suggestion for this problem in our country is to track down and put more focus on how are people getting illegal guns and putting an end to this violence. Everyone has to require a clean background, meaning a person cannot attend to be in jail and ending gun auctions because that is a huge place for people to just go in there and purchase a weapon so easily. This is important again because it’s one of America’s problem and there is little that we’re doing to end this problem and stop all these tragedies that are happening.


Concerned student

Greenwich High School

English Lit and Comp 3

Eng Lit and Comp 3

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